Don’t ask where I got the title of this post; it just came to me because I’m going to write a short bit about a number of different subjects, and was trying to think of some cute catchy title . . .like Tuesday . . . – Tuesday what?? Tuesday Ramblings . . .no. Tuesday Reflections . . .no. Tuesday Contemplations . . .no. Needed to get started because I have LOTS of other items on my list, so sat down at keyboard and the word “Mishmash” came in my head, and so that’s it. And it will be a mishmash of sorts. I’m just in the mood to get some stuff off my chest and then will post something lighter and more fun tomorrow. Hopefully.

Mean people. I don’t like them. And to me, you’re either a nice person . . . or you’re not. Lately, I’ve had people in my life who’ve pretended to be my friend, but who really just had an agenda. And then when they’re done with their agenda, they’re done with the friendship. And I have people in my life who pretend they’re my friend, but that friendship is contingent on if they feel they’re a step ahead of me in a number of different areas; wealth, home, material items and if they feel my child is getting a step ahead of theirs, and he is, then they’re not so nice about us to their friends. In other words, they’re nice as long as I stay in my place. And I’m not going to anymore. I’m not making excuses anymore for a child who is wildly talented AND a good student AND a nice loving person. I’m done with people who are motivated by envy and greed. I’m done with people who always want to look for the worst in people, teachers and coaches; people who can take a really inspirational statement from a coach, a very caring and thoughtful statement and turn it into something negative. I’m done with people who can’t celebrate the successes of my children and who actually get mad and say hurtful things about it. I read something recently, about a woman who’s had a near death experience, and does feel she was at the gates of Heaven and does feel she actually talked to Jesus or at least angels, and she has said that since her experience, she has unlimited tolerance for other people’s behaviour, but extremely limited tolerance for how much time she spends around people whose behaviour she doesn’t agree with. That’s how I feel. People are free to act and feel how they want; just don’t ask me to put up with it or to ignore it. I have my faults and a lot of them, but I can truly say I’m happy for others when they or their children are successful (or not) in what they strive for. I’m thrilled when the son or daughter of a friends does well at something they’re worked hard at. I’m happy for my friends for just being there. And I grieve with them if things go awry. A daughter of a friend recently went through a very difficult time and consequently so did the entire family and I truly felt terrible for them and prayed for them. And I refused to gossip about it. There but for the Grace of God could go any of us or our children, I said. And I meant it. But I heard people who I thought were caring people really slam the girl and her parents. Shameful. And I’m also done with people who attend church, yet who are some of the most judgemental people I’ve ever met. People who keep track of how many times a person volunteers for something at the church. People who make snide remarks if they feel someone isn’t working hard enough at church. Is that really how Christians are supposed to be acting?

The good news is that I do have friends who are truly caring and loving friends; friends who rejoice or grieve with me whatever the circumstance. And those are the people I want to spend time around. Not those who secretly get an even small bit of glee whenever something goes wrong for someone, or who get irritated when something good happens for others. And I have lifelong friends at my church who are truly Christians and who are an inspiration to me and my faith.  I’m lucky in that I also have siblings who fall in the category of “good friends” and who fall into this category.

During this Christmas break, I read two books; To Heaven and Back by Dr. Mary Neale and Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eban Alexander. Both amazing stories about people who had near death experiences and who say they actually went to Heaven and were told by angels it wasn’t their time yet and so were escorted back to their bodies by these angels. The books are about the actual experience and how it’s changed their lives and perspectives since then. I’m a Christian and believe their accounts. Actually, Dr. Alexander didn’t really believe in God or the afterlife before this happened to him. And both authors seem very sincere in their stories. I’ve also read “Heaven Is For Real” about a young boy who also went to Heaven and met Jesus during a very serious illness.  All three stories made me feel like I want to be a better person; a more patient person.

I’m 53 years old and went through menopause years ago. I actually think I started going through it in my 30’s and by the time I was 45, I was done. I didn’t have a necessarily bad time, and except for night sweats it was pretty uneventful. But now that I’m approaching my mid-50’s, my waist is “thickening”. I eat a very healthy diet and I don’t overeat. I’m active. I walk for at least an hour every day and I keep busy. I am fairly slim. But in the last couple of years my weight has steadily gone up. Between 5 and 10 pounds. And since I’m fairly short, this can make a big difference. So . . .today I’m starting the 5:2 diet. You eat normally for 5 days of the week and you fast for two nonconsecutive days of the week. Fasting meaning 500 calories or less for women and 600 or less for men. So I’m going to fast on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s not only supposed to help in weight loss, but it is supposed to be healthy and good for the body. I’ve heard this before, and actually did this years ago. I’ll let you know how it goes.

There; I got things off my chest and shared some things that are going on in my life lately. What’s going on in yours?

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