The Party’s Over



Some people take down their Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. My mother used to take down ours – and forced us all to help – on New Year’s Day, which effectively ruined New Year’s Day for all of us. To this day, a remnant of that unhappy depressing feeling still creeps in my first day of the New Year. We would all be mad that we had to help, then my mother would get cranky and in a bad mood, we would all end up in a big fight and STILL have all the decorations to take down and store in many many boxes and drag all the way upstairs to the “big closet”, with every step being closely monitored by my mother who would admonish us that we were doing it all wrong. And we were, just throwing her lovely decorations in boxes and smashing them down and folding the box down quickly and hopefully before she could see. She always saw it. It was usually cold and grey outside, further adding to the sad and angry day. I still get depressed thinking about those days.

I, on the other hand, being the procrastinator that I’ve described before, try to take mine down the weekend before the boys go back to school. I love holidays, and try to drag it out as long as I can.  Besides, I consider New Year’s Day a holiday and holidays mean relaxing.  Holidays mean all bets are off, I’m entitled to get off of my schedule of cleaning, laundry and regular meals, and I can read or watch tv or do whatever I want. I clean, wash clothes and cook only as we need it done. But I’ve been known to leave our trees up until almost Valentine’s Day and I did this last year and was beginning to feel fairly horrified about that until a girlfriend confessed that she does that too. They even ended up decorating her tree for Valentine’s Day!

But for me, the party’s over today. The party ain’t over until Mama says it’s over or the fat lady sings and I say it’s over today. I can’t take it anymore. I take that as a good sign. Here’s what my house looks like now. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of what it looked like newly decorated and clean and pretty but suffice to say it did NOT look like this!

1-4-2013 0071-4-2013 0061-4-2013 008

Not only is it messy, with gifts strewn all over the place and stacks and boxes everywhere and decorations looking sad and sagging, but it’s getting dirty too!  So, you can see what I’ll be doing today.  Taking down Christmas and getting things back to normal.  I’ve learned my lesson too, from those bad childhood memories and will not be enlisting my sons’ help.  I want to do it at my pace and without having two angry people griping at me all day.  I’ll let you know tomorrow how it went.

But before I start, I’ll show you how I started my day:

1-4-2013 003

French toast (have absolutely NO food in house, milk is sour, so I dug up two heels in the bread bag, an egg and voila!), coffee (lots and lots of coffee) and my Bible and Upper Room.  I read my Upper Room devotion every day which means I read my Bible every day and today’s devotion was from the Book of Psalms and the devotion was about how God loves us always and every day and even when we make mistakes – and even when we’re too lazy to take down our holiday decorations within a proper timeframe.  Anyway, in our church, it’s Epiphany and we’re still celebrating.  Heck, the Magi haven’t even made it to the manger yet!!  I have pu-lunty of time!


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