I still have almost three hours until midnight, so technically, I still have three hours left on this day to post on this blog.  When I said one of my resolutions was to post for 31 days straight, I should have included a deadline time to have the post, posted.  Because I procrastinate – about everything and I have for years.  My mother used to gently suggest that I remove the rotting pumpkins off my front porch before I hang the Christmas wreath.  I’m officially a “procrastinator”.  And it’s nothing to brag about.

In defense, I like to say “I work better under pressure” and that’s really true.  But it’s also an excuse when I’m accused of not getting something done well in advance of a deadline.  Working under pressure, for me, usually means rushing through the project or chore while panicking and probably cursing, and ending up doing a condensed version of what I originally had planned.  It’s not a pretty sight, usually.  And I end up both mad at myself for stalling and relieved the whole damn thing is over and done.

Why do i procrastinate?  Let me count the ways.  1.  I’m lazy.  2.  Fear of failure.  Seriously.  So many things have not worked out for me before, that I fear even the measliest of projects will turn out a bust.  3. Low ambition levels.  True.  I’ve never had the urge to conquer the world.

I procrastinate in most everything, starting with housework.  Instead of having a regular schedule, I do chores here and there to keep the house from looking like a total wreck.  And only when it starts looking too messy, I jump in and clean up.  It’s the type of situation that it’s not a good thing if someone drops by unexpectedly.  And there are currently three baskets of laundry downstairs in laundry room waiting to be put away and they’ve been patiently waiting for about a week now.  I usually pay bills when they’re threatening to turn one of the utilities off, even though I have the money to pay them.  The only payments I make on time are the credit card payments and even some of those are paid on the day they’re due.  I pay school lunch money when the lunch lady finally calls me and jokingly says they’re not going to feed one of my sons until I send a check.  I clean the refrigerator out when things start growing.  And I once waited to call a plumber about a drip only after the drip had gone on so long in the sink that it started affecting the porcelain finish.  I work on my Sunday School lesson late late on Saturday nights. On the flip side, I feel good when I do get things done and once I do get started on a project, I usually keep working until it’s done and then move on to something else.

So, I made a resolution to post every day for 31 days and with three hours left in this day, this post is nearly done.  And after this is done, I’ll list the two things I resolved to list each day on Ebay.

Amendment to the resolutions I made about posting and selling on Ebay.  I’ll have a new post on my blog every day by 10 a.m. or earlier, unless other commitments come up that keep me from the house, and I’ll list something two things on Ebay every day by 4 p.m.

Good news – The dogs did get walked this morning and I took my mother to the dr. so she wouldn’t have to drive herself.  And I’m forgiving myself for not getting this done earlier.  Three out of eight isn’t bad. Is it?
How’s your new year going so far?

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