Don’t start a blog . . . . .

Okay; here’s some advice.  Don’t start a blog . ..

seven days before you leave on a week-long trip to Louisiana to see your nephew get married,

or two and a half weeks before you take the confirmation class your son’s enrolled in on their class field trip to KC, MO,

or three weeks before you leave for your church’s five-day annual state conference, which is also 4 days after you get home from LA and one day after you take your son’s confirmation class to KC, MO,

and a month before you have to set up and man and break down a water stand for your church at your town’s annual summer celebration AND at the same time come up with an idea for a float for the parade at said annual summer celebration and build the float and ride the float with other victims, kids and adults, you’ve begged to ride the float with you.

But the above trips, celebrations and projects were all well worth it and I wouldn’t have missed them for the world.  And I’m home now for the time being and am committing to “restarting” my blog and hopefully will continue to post my random thoughts and opinions on a daily basis.


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